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Extreme Adventure in The Trigrad Gorge

Extreme Adventure in The Trigrad GorgeExtreme Adventure in The Trigrad GorgeExtreme Adventure in The Trigrad Gorge

Adventureful trip through Chudnite Mostove, the Yagodinska Cave, the Dyavolsko Garlo cave and the Haramiyska Cave, with boating and experiencing the speed trolley.



( 41.603634 N, 24.379349 E )

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Extreme Adventure in The Trigrad Gorge

Adventurous excursion including seeing the sights of Chudnite Mostove (The Wondrous Bridges), The Yagodinska Cave, boating through the outflow and examination of The Dyavolsko Garlo cave (The Devil’s Throat Cave), penetrating into the unurbanized Haramiyska cave, and descending with a speed trolley for a desert.

The Trigrad Gorge

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The Trigrad Gorge


Per person for minimum 4 clients - 95 €

The group is maximum 6 people.

The Price Includes

- Professional mountain guide;
- Transport from Sofia to Trigrad and back;
- A night in the family hotel "Silivryak", breakfast included;
- Full equipment needed for entering the Haramiyska cave;
- Entry tax for the Dyavolsko Garlo and Yagodinska caves;
- Boat and the needed equipment.

The Price Does Not Include

- Food;
- Mountain Insurance.

Vucha dam

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Vucha dam


Day 1:

Departing from the “Vasil Levski” stadium parking-lot at 8 o`clock. At the Vucha dam we will take a 1-hour break and have lunch.

Afterwards we will go to the Buynovsko gorge – the longest and picturesque gorge in Bulgaria, where we will enter the Yagodinska cave. With its length of 10 500 meters, the Yagodinska cave is the third longest cave in Bulgaria, and the longest one in the Rodopi mountains. Amazing creations can be seen along the whole touristic route – stalactites, stalagmites, and one of the most unique and rare formations – the cave pearls.

After we go out of the cave we will head to our last goal for today – the Trigrad gorge. Here we will enter the Dyavolsko garlo cave, which is an abyss-shaped cave, formed as a result of the sinking of the earth’s strata. Its main room is a huge hall, where we will see the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan peninsula. The name of the cave comes from its devil head-shaped entrance. There is an artificial gallery, 150 meters long, through which we will reach the beginning of the water flow. Afterwards we will walk upwards through 301 steps, just next to the underground waterfall, reaching the surface. About 400 meters away from the Dyavolsko Garlo cave entrance, the waters of the underground river disappear in a siphon-gallery. The siphon is about 150 meters long and after following another 60 meter long gallery, the water goes out of the cave and flows out on the surface.

Chudnite Mostove

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Chudnite Mostove

След пещерата ни предстои още едно екстремно приключение. Да влезем с лодки в устието на реката излизаща от Дяволско гърло, което представлява една 60-метрова галерия.

Денят ще завърши в хотел "Силивряк" в село Триград, където ще можем да се насладим на местна традиционна кухня.

Day 2:

Today we wake up early and have a delicious traditional breakfast - banitsa. At 10:00 we will set off to the Haramiyska cave, which is located near the Dyavolsko Garlo cave. This cave is not urbanized, but is a touristic sightseeing, because of the archaeological artifacts found inside. The cave can only be reached using specialized equipment, which we will provide. After a steep ascending, we will reach the entrance of the cave, where ancient remains of the cavemen are found. After we squeeze through the labyrinths of the cave, it’s time for the real fun – rappelling down 43 meters to the center of a 180 meters long underground cavern. The whole tour is 4-5 hours long.

Afterwards we take a 1-hour break, to take a rest and think about the beautiful and unusual sights we saw.

Before we leave this amazing place, we will make a speedy descend on a trolley, 15 meters above the ground, which is the end of the programme.

Into Haramiyska cave

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Into Haramiyska cave

On our way back to Sofia, we will stop at Shiroka Laka village to have a short snack, and afterwards we will continue our trip, visiting the natural phenomenon Chudnite Mostove / The Wondrous Bridges/ , located in the karst valley of river Erkiupriya in the western Rodopi, at 1450 m. above sea level, below the Golyam Persenk peak. Many years ago, the bridges were actually a single cave, created by the water flow. With time some parts of it collapsed, forming three magnificent bridges of marble. The Big Bridge consists of three arches, the biggest of which is 45 meters high and 40 meters wide. The Small Bridge, 30 meters high is located down the river, but is pathless. There is third, even smaller bridge, which is a pot-hole cave, where the waters of river Erkyupriya disappear, and after 3 km. flow out on the surface again.

After we see the sights of the Wondrous Bridges, if we have spare time, we will stop at the Batchkovsky Monastery.It is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria, founded in 1083 by the Georgian Gregory Pakourianos. The monastery temple “Virgin Mary” was built in 1604, using the foundations of the old church of Pakourianos. The miraculous icon “Tenderness” is kept inside the temple. It was given as a gift by two Georgian travelers Atanasius and Okrapir, in 1311.

Before leaving the Rodopi, we would try to catch the lights of the sunset, from the Asenova fortress. The earliest archaeological findings date from the time of the Thracians the area of the fortress being also inhabited during the Ancient Roman and Early Byzantine period. The fortress gained importance in the Middle Ages, first mentioned in the statute of the Bachkovo Monastery as Petrich in the 11th century. The fortress was conquered by the armies of the Third Crusade.

The Asenova fortress

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The Asenova fortress

Пристигане в София към 21.00 часа вечерта.

Best Season

June, July, August and September


- Желание за приключения.

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Extreme Adventure in The Trigrad Gorge

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Extreme Adventure in The Trigrad Gorge

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